PPAP raises $500 equity free. Konfío secured $1,300M MXN in debt. Techstars application is closing soon.

Hello, I hope this email finds you well and gives you some exciting news to close your week.

A quick intro into what you will be receiving. Since Today, you will be receiving a recurrent email to let you know the top news on funding from inside Tec de Monterrey. The email will have three parts: 1. Deals of the Month, which will be centered on the deals that are happening within our community; 2. Where to find funding?, which will let you know…

Here’s how to get into a global startup accelerator, told by an actual alumni.

If you are in this startup journey, you must have heard about startup accelerators; and you must know that there are several categories within this space. YCombinator is one of the best, no doubt. But, as you might know, it is one of the most competitives.

Tuto Assad, Vitau Cofounder and YC S19 alumni, had a talk with Nova Orion and Orion Startups companies to talk about his own path towards being selected, as well as recommendations we can follow.

Tuto started with a very point blanc statement:

this size of accelerators are not unreachable.

Your stage is not that relevant

I mean, it is

It is already February and predictions have already started to happen, but what else is coming?

The report says it pretty straight forward: Digital transformation has just begun. This could not be more true, as business are starting to harness into technology as its main differentiator more and more. Yes, technology has been into the picture since the PC started to change how information was processed and tap into decision making. But no, not every industry — let alone every business— has leverage on technology to take their value to another level.

Trends happen differently for every industry and in…

Port of San Francisco viewed from a ferry.

The San Francisco Bay Area — which includes Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Redwood City, Cupertino, Santa Clara, Mountain View, and Sunnyvale, among others— is home to the best of the best technology startups of the World.

But more importantly: minds.

The Orion Technology Park , located in Chihuahua, is one of the most well-known startup ecosystems in Mexico. …

Sebastián Hernández

Managing Director Orion Startups

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